Transportation Demand Forecasting

Hexagon staff is particularly experienced in transit ridership forecasting. Our staff has provided patronage forecasts for numerous New Starts projects in several states. Typical assignments where travel demand forecasting is used include the following:

  • Long-range planning
  • Circulation Elements of General Plans, Specific Plans, Countywide or Areawide Plans
  • Corridor studies to determine appropriate modes and sizing of facilities
  • Major Investment Studies to analyze trade-offs between different alternatives, including Transportation System Management (TSM) and transit alternatives
  • Impact fee studies to determine the proportional use of transportation facilities by different cities or by types of developments
  • Freeway/interchange design to determine lane requirements
  • Intersection turning movements (adjusted) to determine future Level of Service (LOS)

Multi-modal planning includes studying transportation plans for transit, bicycle, and pedestrian usage. Hexagon staff has conducted many studies for transit systems. Each plan included determining whether express bus, local bus, or light-rail technology should be deployed in a certain corridor. 

Travel demand forecasting is a vital element of virtually all transportation planning studies because of the importance of understanding the travel markets that need to be served and the relationship between the projected demand and availability of transportation services. 

Hexagon staff has experience in all aspects of transportation planning and travel demand forecasting. Hexagon Transportation Consultants, Inc., has two senior-level travel demand forecasting specialists, each with at least 25 years of experience in travel demand forecasting and transportation planning. This experience includes up-front tasks like travel surveys and home-interview surveys, through model development, and concluding with traffic and patronage forecasts and various post-processor programs. Hexagon staff is experienced in using all the major forecasting software packages: EMME/2, CUBE/VOYAGER, and TRANSCAD.