Hexagon Transportation Consultants, Inc. has conducted numerous pedestrian and bicycle studies and designs. Many times the planning studies are part of a larger effort such as a Specific Plan or a General Plan. Hexagon has developed pedestrian and bicycle planning and design policies as part of the plans for San Mateo, San Carlos, Los Altos Hills, and San Benito County.

Our design studies typically focus on a particular corridor or street. In this context, Hexagon has prepared conceptual and final designs for sidewalks, crosswalks, bulb-outs, bike lanes, and bike paths. Some examples are for Old County Road in San Carlos, Delaware Street in San Mateo, San Pablo Road in El Cerrito and Bubb Road in Cupertino. All of Hexagon’s street improvement projects are designed to serve all modes. We insure that sidewalks are wide enough for the urban context, meet ADA requirements, and provide connectivity from the street to doorways. We also design all streets to accommodate bicycles, whether or not they have striped bike lanes.