Hexagon staff has experience with a large variety of parking studies and has prepared parking plans for many Bay Area cities and downtown areas. Typical assignments have ranged from parking demand estimates, to shared parking calculations, to complete parking plans for central business districts. The following is the range of tasks that may be included in a parking study:

  • Survey of existing parking utilization

  • Customer or business-owner surveys of parking attitudes

  • Estimation of future parking demand

  • Calculation of shared parking opportunities

  • Design of on-street parking or parking lots

  • Design and review of parking lot access and circulation

  • Review of valet parking operations

  • Parking management (time limits, enforcement, parking fees)

  • Cost and financing of lots or structures

Other common parking assignments involve the calculation of parking demand for mixed-use developments with land uses that have different peaking characteristics. Different peaking characteristics mean that fewer parking spaces are needed in the location than if the uses were in isolation. Shared parking reduction is often a key issue in the design and feasibility of these projects.