Transportation Design

Hexagon Transportation Consultants, Inc. offers transportation design services, including conceptual roadway layout, traffic signal design, crosswalk warning light system design, street light design, signing and striping plans, traffic detour plans, and traffic control/construction handling plans.

Our staff has extensive experience in the design of intersection geometrics, traffic signing, and pavement delineation. We strive to develop designs that will handle vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic demands with the highest degree of safety and efficiency. We have a thorough understanding of the way in which Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements impact intersection and traffic signal designs. Hexagon’s Senior Signal Designer, with over 37 years of experience designing traffic signals and roadway improvements in the Bay Area, oversees the technical aspects of all of our design projects.

With the breadth of knowledge and experience Hexagon possesses, we can provide our clients a complete traffic engineering design service. Additionally, Hexagon’s background in traffic engineering and transportation planning gives us the skills and knowledge to ensure that our designs function in the field as intended.

We are experienced in dealing with the major aspects and common challenges of transportation design. Some aspects of transportation designs have a great potential for impacting traffic, both positively and negatively. We fully understand this, which is why we give every design careful consideration when selecting a design approach. It is this diligence on the part of our design staff that has saved many of our clients from potential future complications in trying to correct problems that surface during or after construction.