Area-Wide Circulation Studies

Hexagon staff has conducted numerous long-range transportation studies for counties, cities, special districts, and specific plan areas. These studies all use future land use assumptions as input to estimate future transportation conditions, both highway and transit, to plan adequate facilities. The goal is to insure that the transportation system will meet the needs of future residents and businesses. Often, financing is an issue because governments do not have funds available. Hexagon has participated in various financing studies including cost sharing among jurisdictions, impact fees, and assessment districts.

Hexagon uses various tools to estimate future transportation needs. Sometimes a travel demand model is available, or is created by Hexagon. These allow the testing of different highway or transit options. Sometimes the long-range studies are based on assessing existing conditions and estimating future traffic for each incremental new development. After the traffic levels or transit ridership is estimated, Hexagon will recommend new roads or other systems to accommodate them. This involves a level of conceptual design at which we are quite experienced. Many times preliminary cost estimates are also required, which Hexagon can provide.